Advanced Imaging for Glaucoma

Collaboration with University of Southern California, Los Angeles

von Georg Michelson (Erlangen), Berhard Schmauss (Erlangen)

1. Subcontractor of the Project ADVACED IMAGING OF GLAUCOMA, funded by National Eye Institute

The Doheny-Institute (Prof. Dr. David Huang, MD) request the addition of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (German name Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg), Germany, as a subcontractor to R01 EY013516 Advanced Imaging for Glaucoma (AIG) grant. Georg Michelson, MD will be the principal investigator at the new site.

The purpose of the new subcontract is to develop the apparatus and method for measuring the alteration of retinal blood flow with light stimulation. The light stimulation device will be mounted near the optical axis of a Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography (FD-OCT) system. Doppler FD-OCT measurement of total retinal blood flow will be measured before and after light stimulation. This is an extension of the existing specific goal # 3 – “Develop Doppler OCT to measure retinal perfusion.” The new extension will test the additional hypothesis that glaucoma decreases the response of retinal circulation to light stimulation, and therefore the assessment of retinal blood flow change in response to light stimulus will provide information to aid the early diagnosis of glaucoma. Dr. Michelson’s group will develop the light stimulation apparatus and method which can then be implemented at AIG clinical centers for glaucoma studies.

Dr. Michelson’s laboratory pioneered the study of retinal microcirculation with laser Doppler flowmetry. They have previously demonstrated increased flow in the retinal microcirculation with flicker stimulus. Furthermore, they demonstrated that this flicker response was decreased in the setting of systemic vasculopathy (hypertension, diabetes). His research group is well qualified to conduct the proposed research project.

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